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GF Cares

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply?

Simply scroll down the page to the "let’s get started" area, select the category that best fits the type of grants request. Then register your details as the person making the application in the section marked “Person making the application” and click on the ‘apply here’ button. This will open a screen in which you can complete, and save your application.

Are there different application forms for different categories of Grants?

Yes, these are listed in the "Let’s get started" section, where there is a drop down menu of different types of grants options you can choose from.

Do I need to fill out every field?

No. Only mandatory fields are required, however the more information you enter, the more consideration your application will receive.

Can I save my application, leave the application and continue it later?

Yes you can leave the application, just hit the next button first at the base of the page to save your work.  To continue your incomplete application form, simply refer to the email sent to you labelled "User Application link" and use your allocated application password to log back in and complete your application form.

Why can’t I progress past this stage of my application?

It is most likely because you have not filled in an entry into a mandatory field. Check if there are any highlighted questions. If there are you will need to enter information into the mandatory field.

Do I need to attach a file?

Unless the application form asks you to then No, but if you have some relevant information you think would well support your application then it would be advisable to attach it. There is the ability to attach a Word, PowerPoint or image file, please be aware that the maximum file size is 5MBs.

How long will it take for me to be notified whether or not my grant has been successful?

Once you have applied you will be sent a confirmation message, acknowledging receipt of your application, along with notification of how many days before you receive notice of your success or otherwise.

What are my obligations if I am successful?

The obligations of all applicants that are successful are described in the Terms and Conditions section of the application, please read this carefully.

Will my information be shared with other parties?

No, only general data can be shared, none of your information will be shared, other than internally and is protected in line with the Privacy Policy contained within this application. Please read it carefully. If your application is successful then our organisation would have the right to promote the grant in their media communications including our social media pages.

A system or program issue

If you are having a system or program issue with the application then please click on the help desk link below and lets us know by completing the email support request form. We will endeavour to respond the same day if your request is filed before 12 noon or the following day if your request is filed after 12 noon. The help desk response will only be available Mondays to Fridays and not on public holidays.

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